We invite you to try our famous award winning Daddy Buck's Pork Rub. We know of no oher rub produced which has not been made before its time. Our special blend of herbs and spices produces a flavor beyond all others.
At Daddy Bucks, we guarantee that your ribs flavored by our rub will be so good that your toungue will be slapping your brain! Guaranteeeeeed!!

Remember like a good wine, never serve your swine before its time! Time is the key to a good tasting rib. In order to allow your ribs, roast or chicken to soak in our delicious flavor let the meat rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes after the rub has been applied. You will notice the meat "sweating" . That means our flavor is making its way into the pores of the meat and you are on your way to having award winning meal. Next place your ribs on the smoker and cook slow till tender. Enjoy!!!
Your smokin buddys,
Porky and Bosshog                                                     



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